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Favourite Tune

My best experience as a bagpiper

'Hector the Hero'

Playing in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in front of a combined 220,000 people. 

A Bit About Me

James Douglas

I'm James Douglas, a really lucky professional bagpiper. Bagpiping is my passion, and I am able to share it with other people! I thrive on creativity both in new music and events - there's nothing quite like the experience of piping up mountains, where the echoes of my music resonate through the rugged terrain. My journey with the bagpipes began when my Dad passed down his cherished chanter and gave me my first lesson. It's a profound connection for me, as my father is unable to play anymore due to a brain tumor but I play his set of bagpipes to this day. These bagpipes have played through the ranks in the British Army, and resonated into Sydeney harbour. Playing the bagpipes allows me to carry on his legacy but also allows me to pour more emotion into each note I play whether it's a wedding, funeral, or private event. I have played abroad in Belgium and have spent a month piping in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, all magnificent experiences that further my experience as a bagpiper. I have been studying the bagpipes for 12 years now and it will truly be an aspect of my life that will never fade away.

Co-founder and Bagpiper

James Bagpiper for hire

I would love to play for you!

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