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Wedding Bagpiper

Why have the bagpipes at your wedding?

Bagpipes bring a unique charm, adding a sense of tradition that makes your wedding unforgettable. Beyond music, it's about creating an atmosphere etched in memories. Whether for Scottish roots or a distinctive celebration, bagpipes add a magical touch your guests will rave about for years.

What piping services can I have at my wedding?

You can choose from a lone bagpiper, a harmonizing duo with two pipers in perfect harmony, and drummers to add some rhythm to the mix to really kick up the excitement. You can have the whole Scottish party package at your wedding, and it's all about making your special day one-of-a-kind. So, whether you want a serene serenade or a lively performance, we've got the perfect combo to make your wedding an unforgettable hit!

When does a bagpiper play at a wedding?

You can choose to have the bagpipes at any point during your special day. If you need help deciding however, here are some ideas to help you. You can pick one, some, or all of the following points to have the bagpipes during your wedding.

  • Piping as your guests arrive to your venue
    Bagpiping outside your venue when guests arrive really sets the scene for your wedding and it will be talked about for years to come. When we perform, we interact with passing guests ensuring a true warm welcome.
  • Piping you down the aisle
    One of the most meaningfull peices of music you will have during your special day.
  • Piping during your document siging
    Many couples choose to have music as they sign their legal marital documents to fill the gap. The bagpipes are a great option here!
  • Piping you both back up the aisle
    The stressful bit has passed and you are now married! Lets get everyone up cheering and clapping as you strut back up that aisle with a ring on that finger!
  • Entertainment during your drinks reception
    Have a mixed set of tunes to entertain your guests as they enjoy some drinks and nibbles. This is a very informal performance and creates some background music after your ceremony.
  • Piping you to the top table at your wedding breakfast
    It's time to strut your stuff again up to the top table. This is a fantastic time to have the bagpipes lead you as everyone will be up again cheering in celebration.
  • Piping as your guests arrive to the service venue
    The bagpipes act as a calling to the masses. It's long tones will set the scene of the significance this day brings.
  • Playing for your loved one's procession to the venue
    The funeral cortege arrives and is ceremonially lead to the venue
  • Playing your loved one back out of the serivce
    Your loved may be carried back out of the service to make the journey to their final resting place. This is a great tribute for your loved one's recession from the service.
  • Piping at the graveside
    As you say your final goodbye, the bagpipes can serve as a reminder that you are not losing the memories you have. You are only saying goodbye to the chance to create new ones.
  • Piping as your guests arrive to a reception venue
    It is now time to meet with friends and family and reminisce the good memories you share. Having the bagpipes is a great way to set the mood again as you may want happier tunes to lift the mood of you and your guests.
  • Piping as your guests arrive
    What a way to be welcomed to a meeting, an employee event, or advertise a new beginning. This will serve as a significant beginning to a great day marking the importance of your venture and your guest's presence.
  • Piping for a special event
    There may be a birthday, a celebration or any other event that is important to you. Please do get in touch with any ideas you have for the bagpipes.

What bagpipe tunes are played at weddings? 

There are a vast range of tunes to choose from when planning your wedding and it can be very overwhelming. So here is a list of music highlighting the best handpicked tunes perfect for any wedding.

Down The Aisle

  • Highland Cathedral

  • Skye Boat Song

  • Gift of a Thistle (Braveheart theme)

Signing The Marriage Schedule ​

  • Auld Lang Syne

  • Mull of Kintyre

  • Caledonia

Back Up The Aisle

  • Black Bear

  • Scotland the Brave

  • Itchy Fingers

To The Top Table

  • The Atholl Highlanders

  • Marie's Wedding

  • Kelsey's Wee Reel

Some Fun Modern Tunes

  • Star Wars

  • Mamma Mia

  • Canny Shove Your Granny Off The Bus 

  • Camptown Races (Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah Day)

Bagpiper in Glen Coe
Wedding Music

Need help planning?

Don't hesitate to reach out; we're here to assist in planning the bagpipes for your special day. Whether it's through a phone call, or video call get a free consultation with James - one of  our professional pipers. 

How much does a bagpiper cost for a wedding?

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