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Harmony Bagpiping's Extended Tune List

Find more tune inspiration for your event. We can play many more tunes than the ones listed below so feel free to request a specific tune for us to play. 

Traditional Marches

Scotland the Brave

We're No Awa to Bide Awa

Bonnie Galloway

Rowan Tree

Cock O' The North

Bonnie Dundee

Atholl Highlanders

Glendural Highlanders

I See Mull

Green Hills of Tyrol

When the Battle's O'er


The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie

Murdo's Wedding

Bloody Fields of Flanders

Colin's Cattle

Farewell to Nigg

13th Fredrick Street

PM William Ross's Farewell

Corriechollie's Welcome


Sweet Maid of Glendural

Heights of Dargai

Battle of the Somme

Leaving Port Askaig

Angus Mackinnon

Barren Rocks of Aiden

Diu Regnare

Scot's Wae Hae

Slow Airs

Highland Cathedral


Flower of Scotland

God Save the King

Mist Covered Mountains

Amazing Grace

My Home

The Gael (Last of the Mohicans)

Skye Boat Song

Bonnie Banks

The Dark Isle

Auld Lang Syne

Song for the Small Pipes

Reels, Jigs, and Other Fast Tunes

Lexy Macaskill

Itchy Fingers

Paddy's Leather Breechs

Highland Laddie

Black Bear

Marie's Wedding

Kelsey's Wee Reel

Modern Tunes

I am sailing

Canny Shove Yer Granny

On the Doo Dah Day

Brave Heart Theme

Abba- Mama Mia


Star Wars Theme

Can't take my eyes off you

Avicci - Wake Me Up

Blinding Lights

We would love to play for you!

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