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Harmony Bagpiping

Terms and Conditions

By booking a musician through Harmony Bagpiping, you agree to the following:


  1. A non-refundable deposit is required when booking. This ensures that your bagpiper keeps the date available for you.

  2. You must inform a member of Harmony Bagpiping as soon as possible when any payments are made.

  3. The rest of the payment is required 4 weeks before the date of the event.

  4. 40% of the payment, and the deposit, will be non-refundable if you cancel within those 4 weeks. This could be more if costs are incurred by your bagpiper in preparation for the event. Evidence of incurred costs will be provided.

  5. If you cancel within 24 hours of the event, the full payment will be non refundable.

  6. If we cancel, and another bagpiper/drummer is not provided, all money paid, including the deposit, will be refunded. No further monetary compensation will be provided than the refund matching the amount you have paid to Harmony Bagpiping.

  7. An invoice is available to all customers upon request.


  1. You can expect a high quality of piping and a high standard of uniform when booking through The Harmony Bagpiping Co. Your piper will most likely be the one allocated during the booking process, however, it could be one of our back up pipers (usually James Douglas, Robin Turnbull, or Reece Lyons). This allows you to have a back up piper if anything happens to your allocated bagpiper (injury, major life event), and it will all be sorted by us.

  2. Regardless of the piper, you still hold the right to expect the same high quality piping and high standard of uniform.

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