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Favourite Tune

Best experience as a bagpiper

'You canny shove yer granny aff the bus'

Performing on stage for the queens jubilee celebrations in London 

A Bit About Me

Robin Turnbull

Co-founder and Bagpiper

At the age of 8, I embarked on a musical journey with the bagpipes, guided by a dedicated tutor who nurtured my passion. It was at a family wedding that I discovered my calling—bringing joy to people through music. This magical moment sparked a desire to turn my passion into a profession. Over the years, I've shared my music globally, performing for notable personalities like Andy Murray and JaackMaate. Now pursuing marketing studies at university, my goal is to master the art of promoting my craft, ensuring Harmony Bagpipes creates memorable experiences worldwide.

Robin bagpiper for hire

I would love to play for you!

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