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How to find meaningful bagpipe songs for your wedding

Wedding bagpipe music

Let's dive right into the essential tips to help you select the bagpipe music that will beautifully resonate with every moment of your wedding day.

Tip #1 - Set the Scene

Setting the scene with bagpipe music at your wedding is all about matching the mood of each moment. You might want to go slow for the walk down the aisle and have a celabration for the walk to your top table. Your music should definitely match your vibe at each moment of the day.

Tip #2 - Find a tune you actually like

Walking down the aisle is obviously the most memorable bagpiping moment for your wedding so if your having the bagpipes, you'll wat to choose a song that you'll cherish forever. Traditional slow tunes such as 'Highland Cathedral' bring a sense of majesty. Yet, if you're feeling unconventional, a modern tune such as the Brave-heart theme tune can add a joyful twist to your entrance. It's about choosing a melody that echoes the spirit of your special day and it doesn't have to be slow - you can dance your way down to the alter if you're feeling up to it.

Tip #3 - Make it Personal

There's no real need to choose all the bagpipe music for every part of your wedding as we play around one tune per minute. You can expect some great fun to happen during the drinks rception though. This is a time for us bagpipers to show off our skills and engage with your guests becoming an attraction ourselves. It's a great time to play special requests that mean alot to your family, such as The Liverpool Football Club anthem I played for a bride's Dad last week. His aged body jumped into action, stamping and swaying in time with the song. This was just as much an experience for myself and the other guests as it was invigorating for this life-long Liverpool fan.

Tip #4 - Mix it Up

You have probably guessed that we love modern tunes just as much as the traditional tunes already, and your not wrong. It's great to have a mix of different songs both fast and slow to keep things interesting. As standard you will get a great mix of traditional and modern, fast and slow tunes with us at Harmony Bagpiping.

Bagpipe tunes for weddings

Tip #5 - Recognise this one?

Don't be afraid to stick to the tunes that people know. I am a bagpiper and even I would say that bagpipes are just bagpipes after 20 minutes, so don't be afraid to go for the classics such as 'Scotland the Brave'. We can even play 'Star Wars'! This is always recognised when I play it at weddings and the phones instantly come out for a video.

Tip #6 Go with Harmony Bagpiping!

I know how daunting it is trying to find a bagpiper for your wedding. Bagpipers often sound the same and often have the same unifrom, so what sets us apart? We care about you. We want to make sure you have the best wedding possible and that the bagpipes fit in just the way you dreamt they would. We take care to learn specific tunes for you and help you plan for the bagpies at your wedding. You are never in the dark with Harmony Bagpiping and there will never be a question left unanswered. I am glad to see that you are still reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

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