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What is the Harmony Duo? 

Two rehersed Bagpipers - James and Robin from Harmony Bagpiping come together to create a lively performance for any event. The Duo set's it'self apart from the lone piper with the introduction of harmonies bringing a whole new element of bagpiping to the table. 

Can I have a lone piper too?

Choose the Harmonizing Duo, and you can also have a Lone Bagpiper! For instance, if you wish to have a lone bagpiper for your aisle procession but prefer two bagpipers for your drinks reception, that's absolutely possible.

What Event is this for?

The Harmonizing Duo is an ideal choice for all occasions, including weddings, birthdays, funerals, corporate events, and more. The dynamic performances add vibrancy to celebrations, while the harmonious blend of two perfectly tuned bagpipes creates a powerful and poignant sound for moments of reflection and remembrance.

Why choose the Harmony Duo?

Similar to our Lone Bagpiper service, our pride lies in the lively and professional performances of our Harmonizing Duo, which we take time to rehearse together. With two bagpipers, experience double the sound, double the dancing, and double the fun!

How to book two bagpipers?

All you need to do is reach out to us and share your venue, date, and any initial plans or ideas you have for the bagpipes. From there, we'll collaborate to craft a tailored plan for the bagpipes that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Still Undecided?

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