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Lone Bagiper

What is a Lone  Piper?

Our Lone Bagpiper service consists of one piper that can play for absolutely any event, play a wide range of music both traditional and modern, and be with you for any length of time. Our lone piper service is versatile and enhances any event great or small. A lone piper only needs a few minutes to tune up making it perfect for surprises.

Should I Have a Bagpiper?

While the bagpipes have deep roots in Scottish culture, it's the unique atmosphere they create that truly defines the tradition. Fueled by our powerful lungs, our bagpipes turn any location into a genuine occasion. The tones of the bagpipes have a knack for tugging at heartstrings, evoking tears of joy or moments of reflection. Bagpipes, for us, are more than an instrument; they're the soundtrack of life, accompanying all life's ups and downs, entrances, and exits. Having a piper is of course a no-brainer, and our vibrant playing style sets us apart from the industry norms, ensuring an experience that's far from dull.

Why Harmony?

Our service quality is our identity, so we take extra care to make sure that our bagpipes produce the best sound possible as we understand how important it is to have a good quality bagpiper. Not only do we excell in bagpiping ability, our performances are unique as we refrain from simply standing still and playing one note after another. Our lively performances help spread our positivity to everyone across the whole day. 

"Robin performed at our wedding at Atholl Palace, he was friendly, timely and executed exactly as we had imagined. We hired Robin on somewhat of a late request and we are so glad he was available, I recommend this hire to anyone else looking for pipes!"

Gina - Aug/2023

How to book a bagpiper?

All you need to do is reach out to us and share your venue, date, and any initial plans or ideas you have for the bagpipes. From there, we'll collaborate to craft a tailored plan for the bagpipes that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Still Undecided?

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