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Wedding Bagiper 


The Wedding Pipers in Glasgow

It's fantastic that you're thinking of including a bagpiper in your wedding, and we're excited to offer our services for your special day. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Glasgow and find out why choosing a wedding piper here will add a unique and memorable touch to your ceremony. Discover our passion for bagpiping and see how we can make your wedding truly unforgettable.

Meet James and Robin

We know it often feels impersonal online so learn a little about us before we meet on your special day in Stirlingshire. 

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Why Choose Harmony Bagpiping for your Wedding?

We're all about bringing fun, positivity, and vibrant energy to your wedding day! Our bagpiping isn't just music; it's an immersive experience. We love interacting with your guests, adding a lively Scottish flair unique to Glasgow that lights up the atmosphere. Our performances are more than melodies; they're crafted to create joyful memories, sharing laughter, and engaging everyone in the celebration. We're not just musicians; we're entertainers dedicated to making your special day unforgettable with our spirited and heartwarming presence. Choose us for a wedding in Glasgow filled with lively tunes, smiles, and an unforgettable experience that everyone will cherish.

piper for wedding glasgow
"Great bagpiping all round for our wedding day! Very professional yet approachable and friendly. Great playing, all our guests throughly enjoyed. Would recommend for anyone else who wants a nice relaxed pipes atmosphere for their big day."

- Gillian

Piper for wedding glasgow review

When does a piper play at weddings?

wedding piper bagpiping in Glasgow

We can play at any point during your wedding day such as:

  • Guests arrival

  • Down the aisle

  • During the schedule signing

  • Back up the aisle

  • During the drinks reception

  • Into the wedding breakfast

  • Piping the family and/or happy couple to the top table

  • Evening entertainment

Need help planning?

Wondering how to enhance your big day? Connect with James, our experienced bagpiper, for personalized advice on incorporating bagpipes into your celebration, whether it's a wedding in Glasgow or another special occasion.

What bagpipe music can we play?

We excel in playing both traditional bagpipe tunes and a variety of modern songs. Our music expert, James, is adept at transforming contemporary tracks into bagpipe music. Although the bagpipe's limited notes can pose a challenge, he skillfully crafts beautiful versions of workable songs. For modern tunes, please request in advance of your wedding. We also have a rich selection of classic, traditional tunes as a splendid backup.

James bagpiping for a wedding in Glasgow

Our Wedding Services

We would love to play for you!

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